12 May, 2014

Intention or Accident

The message from campaign opening VOGUE THAILAND One of these are quote that implied about fashion that can make you think about the previous style of taking a picture and present time. Those two pictures are similar when you comparing each other of it. So, they use the message “Intention or Accident” to get people interested.

07 Apr, 2014

Where to find " new idea "

The problem of working people is sometime you feel like you don’t have any new idea or creative mind for input to your work. This problem is not a simply problem for creative people. So, how to get the new idea and creative mind… there is only one answer which is "you have to create your own inspiration and try to thinking out of box all the time" Jon Burgerman said

06 Apr, 2014

Caution of packaging design

The first thing that you have to mention in packing design is portable usage and safety in consumption. Moreover, product packagings have to tell people in case of quality of product and product reliability. Because of no matter how much beauty of packaging design you created, it cannot guarantee that people will buy your product. So, let see how to design product package that can make you success in market.

05 Apr, 2014

The tactic of how to name company

Company name is not different from the name that your parents give it to you because the name will be used along with your whole life. So, considering creating the appropriate name is so important or whether you have changed the name many times.

04 Apr, 2014

Why Logo is necessary for business?

Logo have to express product itself, logo have to keep in mind, logo have to implement without used of color, logo have to tell people even small size.

03 Apr, 2014

8 secrets to design amazing brochure

Brochure is one of the most important things for doing business. In order to make sure that your brochure can create brand recognition, we have to start with understanding of business and creativity designe.

16 Mar, 2014

How to name product related with brand

Outstanding name of product can make people easily to recognize our brand and increase the possibility to compete in market. Choosing only one word seems to be more difficulty to create the good name. So, using these entire fundamental might help you to get closely to create the good name

15 Mar, 2014

How to select logo color for your own brand

Logo that you see it in everyday is one of the fundamental reflections of your business and your brand. In order to help your brand getting attention from people and effectiveness, you have to design suitable shape of logo and outstanding form but there are more things you should to look in…

15 Feb, 2014

7 hottest website for design

If we talk about photo library, we believe that most of designer might know well because it can help them to get easier for design their work. So, if anyone of you hasn’t known about this kind of website, we advise you to take your eye on it because there are a lot of sources for design works such as video clip, picture, voice clip and illustration, we sure that it will save your time and help your work.

14 Feb, 2014

7 steps to design packaging

Many companies are stick with old fashion form of packaging design. It will let your product are so drowsy. So, let try to be uniqueness and create your product packaging that can get the first impression from people at the first time their seeing.

13 Feb, 2014

How to select the word font to make people surprise

Good of design contains with many factors as arranging picture composition, color, line, shadow, right meaning even the story of product telling through a word. One thing that you shouldn’t careless is the selecting of font style to make it suitable for your product, packaging and impressive.

12 Feb, 2014

What company name card can tell you?

Name card or this small piece of paper is so very important for your business. Each one of them can tell you more about company identity and your characteristic. So, many companies give precedence on name card design. Because of good design of name card can show your profession, make your client have more reliability on your company. Otherwise if your name card doesn’t have a good design, it will create a bad attitude on your customer mind.

10 Feb, 2014

The Important of logo

Even logo seems to be small thing in your eye but the truth is logo have big affect to business. Because of logo telling a need of business owner that want to communicate to people, moreover the message that send through people are also the message that send to our target group. That is a reason why logo is so important for your business.

09 Feb, 2014

The previous famous logo in the world

Starting doing business or any kind of trade as private company of government work, one thing that you shouldn’t forget is logo designing that represent of your voice, your memory. Moreover the good logo design must help you sending the correctly message to people, make them recognize your brand; reflect your business characteristic and the whole picture of your business.

08 Feb, 2014

Logo design based on fortune basics

Today we will tell you about how to design logo based on fortune fundamental. According to the picture of energy flowing element, you will see octagon of mystic symbol which is the meaning of color that based on fortune. Following this thing, a good luck will be yours.

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