Packaging Design

We are packaging design specialist, according to our experiences in packaging design in all kinds global products over countries, from the combination of our inspirations, productions understanding and the use of raw marketing data in order to make the different among the both direct and indirect competitors. Importantly, it is to make growth of products in the market.

Logo Design

To create brand personality of brand logo and make it truly represents the brand identity. It is the first step of being successful business in the right direction. We have deep understanding in both brand characteristic and consumer behaviors need and want. So, we can build the brand that can represent the brand characteristic and trust of your target market group.

Web Design

Website is an important tool in the current business situation. According to the increased of use of Internet, consumers use to search for product details and services before making the purchasing decision. We have truly understanding about web design, how to make it interesting, ease of use of website and modifying website quality in order to make it become the top of website that show on search engine.

Event Design

The more interesting of event is the more you can be close to consumers and also you can make it memorable for target audience. We will create the event concept to become interesting and can response the marketing issue. Moreover, the work design in order to gain awareness from target audience included the appropriate payment to not exceed the overall budget are organized efficiency in order to get successful outcome.

Media Design

We have specialist creative team to create your advertising medias to make it most interesting and become talk of the town in all medias. Such as brochure, poster, magazine Ads, banner or Internet banner VDO presentation and catalog. We will deliver the brand message to customers interestingly. So, it will motivate the need of purchasing decision or the use of service effectively.

Premium Design

If you need a gift or premium in order to distribute to your customer that different from other. All Idea Studio’ can design and produce even gift for celebration or something special for your brand that cannot be brought from anywhere. The giver is proud the receivers are impressing.p>

Brand name and Tagline

One thing that also important among other elements are the slogan and keyword that can make the target market remember your brand and represent your brand. We have the thinking processes form marketing specialist team of consumer goods with the data of consumer need and want. It also makes it easy to moving forward in the nearly future.

Marketing Service

Our marketing specialist team has a lot of experiences of marketing activities in global markets over the countries that can make all clients’ products become successful and archived the target sales about ten millions baht a month. So that, we are ready to help your brand to become successful by using strategy, creativity and all of the techniques based on our past experiences.

Trademark registration service

We have check-up service and trademark registration with Ministry of Commerce that you can make sure that your brand or business will not be harm from other. Also have secure and sustainable growth.

Consumer Behavior Analysis
Defined Brand Identity
Marketing / Support