Media Design

Currently, the channels of advertising and public relations have been highly increasing, when compared to the past, in which each channel has its own difference and benefits based on products, services, target consumers, number of consumers in that channel, advertising and PR cost, and advertising frequency. Regarding the variety and differences of each channel, you can see that selecting suitable type of media and media design is considerably important for advertising, PR, and services.

Media Design

Media channels that consumers are familiar with compared to those in the past ten years are radio, television, magazine, banner ads, and bill board etc. If you try calculating the advertising cost, you can see that the cost is not low. Moreover, in order to create successful advertising, it does take a long time and need analytical creative design to create outstanding design and meet the requirements of the owners of that product or service. Media design is, therefore, extremely significant to measure success in the business.

Media Design

The world has now changed to the digital era, where most of the operators tend to use more digital media for advertising or promoting products of services either via website or social network. One of the benefits of online advertising is that the advertising cost is cheaper than radio or television; moreover, we can also determine and target specific consumer groups. Nevertheless, if we consider the number of people who can access to those two long-time ten-year channels, we still have to give them credits. Also, we cannot deny that Thai people who do not have an access to online media are much more than those who have.

All Idea Studio focuses on media design for each different channel by creating various types of advertising, such as

Media Design

Brochure: with our creative idea, your brochure will definitely differ and stand out from others. By tearing down the old brochure rules, consumers who have our brochure in their hands must feel surprised to the extent that they have totally no idea what old boring dull brochure looks like.

Media Design

Poster: All Idea Studio is expert in designing poster for advertising with proper layout of photos and of other elements in the poster. Color, light and shadow are all intentionally used to grab consumer’s attention and make the poster remarkable and outstanding. More importantly, we also do not forget to add the identity of your corporate, products and services in our design.

Media Design
Video Presentation

Video Presentation: All Idea Studio consists of great skillful staff who is expert in making VDO presentation. With our 10-year experienced marketing and sales teams, All Idea Studio believes that we can provide you an effective presentation by prioritizing and harmonizing presentation contents, as well as designing beautiful pictures with the new way of presentation, in which it will definitely make those who watch it crave to know more about your company, products and services.

Media Design

Radio: All Idea Studio provides you the top quality copy writers full with interesting, remarkable, and creative ideas. The Company firmly believes that we can create a great radio spot that suits your products or services to the extent that the audiences feel surprised and be able to memorize it from the first time. Let’s say that whenever the listeners hear your radio spot, they will know immediately from which company and which product the spot is, and they will extremely want to see your products or know more about your services.

Media Design

Television, printings, and motion graphics on website: All Idea Studio and our production team can guarantee you the best media and advertisement production with quality standard guaranteed from Thailand’s Media Online Association, where you can make sure that every television advertisement produced by us is definitely worth your advertising cost.

Key strategies of All Idea Studio is that we analyzed a company’s advertising budget , its target consumers e.g. gender, age, lifestyle, and income, proper offline and online channels in order that the customers of All Idea Studio can feel confident that their investment in advertising is worth and effective. Not only this, All Idea Studio also produces and creates any media production with high standard and great quality technology.

Our Services: Advertising media design, advertising production, advertising consultant.

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